Nest Box Survey Results – 2017


The final nest has just fledged and has completed a highly successful season; the highlights include [2016 results in brackets]:

  • 11 weekly checks were undertaken between 26 March & 4 June [6 in 2016] 

  • 12 nests were occupied [5], comprising 7 Blue Tit, 3 Great Tit, 1 Coal Tit & 1 Robin

  • All clutches fledged, except for the robin which was predated.

  • Including the robin nest, the total number of eggs reached 91 [31] of which 81 successfully fledged [23].

  • The number of nest boxes placed, enhanced from the PLT grant, was 40 [26]

  • The occupancy rate was 30% [19%] 

  • Peak egg laying took place over the 2ndhalf of April [early May]

  • Great Tit nests tended to be higher than those of Blue Tit and with larger access holes.


The refurbishment of 10 wooden boxes and the relocation of many others, in addition to the 14 new nest boxes, has resulted in a significant increase in activity.

The decision to purchase Woodstone boxes was rewarded with higher occupancy rates compared to the wooden ones, which were admittedly a little late in being re-positioned (early March).  Sadly, the targeted species (Marsh Tit, Tree Sparrow & Starling) failed to use the new facilities this year.

As relatively few changes will be made following this season, we are expecting a further increase in occupancy in 2018, with higher rates in the refurbished wooden boxes in particular. Any alterations undertaken will be influenced by the 2017 survey results.

We also have a large owl/kestrel box, donated by SVCP volunteers, which we plan to erect along the northern boundary.

Thanks to both Ange & Eddie who assisted in the 2017 survey.

Ian Barrie & Dale Payne