What to See


                      MONTH of MAY HIGHLIGHTS


Bird Song


Look for:   

  • The bright yellow clumps of Wild Primrose

  • The single, bright yellow flowers of Coltsfoot

  • Small Tortoiseshell, Comma &Peacock Butterflies emerging from hibernation

  • Toads and Newts returning to their breeding pools

  • Wood Anemone& Violetsbeside Mor Brook track

  • Insects feeding on the pollen-rich willow catkins

  • Marsh Tit, Long Tailed Tit, Jay, Sand Martin and many other birds are around


Listen for:

  •  The ‘drumming’ of the Greater Spotted Woodpecker

  • The laughing flight-call of Green Woodpeckers

  • Returning Chiffchaffs. The ‘chiff-chaff chiff-chaff’ song is easy to recognize!

  • Birds singing to establish their breeding territories. 


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