Bird Species

Birds of Conservation Concern:  RED & Amber list      Updated 16/12/2016



Status & Conservation*


Blackbird Thrushes & Chats Resident AYR
Blackcap Warblers Occasional Visitor AYR
Black-Headed Gull Gulls Occasional Visitor AYR
Blue Tit Tits Resident AYR
Bullfinch Finches Resident- Amber listed AYR
Buzzard Kites, Hawks & Eagles Frequent Visitor AYR
Canada Goose Geese Occasional Visitor AYR
Carrion Crow Crows Resident AYR
Chaffinch Finches Resident AYR
Chiffchaff Warblers Summer Visitor Mar-Sep
Coal Tit Tits Resident AYR
Collared Dove Pigeons Frequent Visitor AYR
Common Sandpiper Waders Occasional Visitor- Amber listed AYR
Dunnock Wrens & Accentors Resident- Amber listed AYR
Fieldfare Thrushes & Chats Occasional Winter Visitor-Red listed Nov-Apr
Goldcrest Warblers Visitor AYR
Goldfinch Finches Resident AYR
Goshawk Kites, Hawks & Eagles Very Rare Winter Visitor Oct-Mar
Grasshopper Warbler Warblers Rare Passage Migrant-Red listed Aug
Great Tit Tits Resident AYR
Green Finch Finches Resident AYR
Green Sandpiper Waders Rare Passage Migrant- Amber listed Aug-Mar
Green Woodpecker Woodpeckers Resident AYR
Grey Heron (over) Herons Occasional Visitor AYR
Grey Partridge Partridges & Pheasants Occasional Visitor-Red listed AYR
Grey Wagtail Pipits & Wagtails Frequent Visitor-Red listed AYR
Gt Spotted Woodpecker Woodpeckers Resident AYR
House Martin Swallows & Martins Occasional Visitor- Amber listed Apr-Sept
Jack Snipe Waders Occasional Winter Visitor Oct-Mar
Jackdaw Crows Resident AYR
Jay Crows Resident AYR
Kestrel Falcons Occasional Visitor- Amber listed AYR
Kingfisher Kingfishers Occasional Visitor- Amber listed AYR
Lapwing (over) Waders Occasional Visitor-Red listed AYR
Long Tail Tit Tits Resident AYR
Magpie Crows Resident AYR
Mallard Wildfowl Occasional Visitor- Amber listed AYR
Marsh Tit Tits Occasional Visitor-Red listed AYR
Mistle Thrush Thrushes & Chats Occasional Visitor-Red listed AYR
Nuthatch Nuthatches Resident AYR
Pheasant Partridges & Pheasants Resident AYR
Pied Wagtail Pipits & Wagtails Resident AYR
Raven Crows Occasional Visitor AYR
Red Kite Kites, Hawks & Eagles Occasional Visitor AYR
Redpoll (Lesser) Finches Occasional Visitor-Red listed Nov-Apr
Redwing Thrushes & Chats Winter Visitor-Red listed Nov-Apr
Reed Bunting Buntings Occasional Visitor- Amber listed Nov-Apr
Robin Warblers Resident AYR
Rock/Ferral Dove Pigeons Frequent Visitor AYR
Rook (over) Crows Frequent Visitor AYR
Sand Martin (over) Swifts & Swallows Frequent Summer Visitor May-Sep
Siskin Finches Occasional Visitor AYR
Snipe Waders Winter Visitor- Amber listed Oct-Mar
Song Thrush Thrushes & Chats Occasional Visitor-Red listed AYR
Sparrowhawk Kites, Hawks & Eagles Frequent Visitor AYR
Starling Starlings Occasional Visitor-Red listed AYR
Stock Dove Pigeons Rare Summer Visitor- Amber listed Apr-Sept
Swallow Swallows & Martins Occasional Summer Visitor Apr-Sept
Swift (over) Swifts & Swallows Frequent Visitor- Amber listed Jun_Aug
Tawny Owl Owls Resident- Amber listed AYR
Tree Creeper Creepers Resident AYR
White Wagtail Pipits & Wagtails Rare Winter Visitor Aug-Apr
Willow Warbler Warblers Frequent Summer Visitor- Amber listed May-Sep
Wood Pigeon Pigeons Resident AYR
Woodcock Waders Occasional Winter Visitor-Red listed Oct-Mar
Wren Wrens & Accentors Resident AYR
Yellow Wagtail Pipits & Wagtails Rare Summer Visitor-Red listed May-Sep
Yellowhammer Buntings Occasional Visitor-Red listed AYR
*Reference: Birds of Conservation Concern